raphael from the new TMNT movie!! its only a wip, for now Until i decide to be un-lazy and color it, haaaaa….

Card was made for the friend of a friend! Going to a birthday party tomorrow!!

This was fun to do, this game is so scary! I would never be able to sit through and play it @_@ just the walkthru alone with game grumps scared the crap out of me, hahaha!

inside the card, it says: 

" Cause this party is to die for!" xDD

I want pizza now! D:<

So for the first time in awhile, my Tablet decided to work surprise surprise! I decided to finish up this doodle I did last night of Karai. I wish it looked better but eh. Im kinda rusty cause its been awhile since I dicked around on sai/fire alpaca. cause my stupid tablet, weh.

anywho yeah its karai, from the new 2k14 TMNT movie, which I love so much!!! saw it three times :DDD everyone should see it, tis a lot of fun!!

knightformers prime. aaaah

i think his leg needs to be thickened or watever but I can do that digitally when i lineart him.

his left hand looks weird too but ugh i ran out of room so yeah OTL

he has a caaaape :D


gosh damn this was so hard and UGH i couldnt get her face to look the way i wanted but OH WELL

thers some badass knight!formers shit going on at the RP side of teh TF fandom, and I really thought damn damn, a lady knight elita woudld be hella badass.

and shes got an axe instead! because swords are overrated >:U

maybe I’ll finish this later…i need a break OTL

You are my Sunshine

My only Sunshine, you make me happy when skies are grey.

You’ll never know dear, how much I love you

Please don’t take my sunshine away.


Inspired by a video sent to me on one of my blogs


this was a lot easier to draw, even tho profiles are the HARDEST for me to do. but it also took me the shortest which is weird?



THIS picture was a bitch to draw preferably optimus’s head and arms and i had ten million references open AND NONE OF THEM REALLY HELPED then i was like FUUUUUUUUUDGE IT ALL and just..yeah did it so it worked out???

-w- my babies~


u can see that awful line by her winglets where i messed up UGH.

gonnatagmsscottcauseikindawanthertoseeit *hidesface*

im no sarah stone or alex milne but BUT 

HERES a windy blade bae OwO

so SHE’S FINISHED! looks really great actually, I’m super surprised O_o

lots a blue SO MUCH BLUE wow. OTL